Please take a moment to read through our booking T&C's for all workshops & events. 



You will be asked to tick that you have read and understood the following booking T&C's during the checkout process:

Customer Booking & Deposit: 100% of the event cost is payable at time of booking. Monies are non-refundable. In the event of cancellation, please inform GroWild staff a minimum of 24 hours before. We can try to provide an alternative date for a similar workshop where possible but this is at the discretion of the leader/management on site.

GroWild Cancellation: GroWild has the right to cancel any event or activity for health, safety or hygiene reasons. Events will be cancelled by the leader on site if the area being used is deemed unsafe. This includes weather risks; storms and high winds, plus environmental risk such as tree work/risk identification. Where possible, we will offer an alternative date for any events and bookings. GroWild will refund any cancelled events if an alternative date cannot be organised.

Parental responsibility: Safety of all GroWild members is paramount. Your child(ren) remain your responsibility while at any GroWild events and must be supervised throughout. You must accept responsibility for their welfare AT ALL TIMES.

Farm Site / Moving around the site: Your child(ren) remain your responsibility whilst on the farm site including, but not limited to; use of the carpark, toilet facilities, PYO areas, pathways and journeying to and from the GroWild woodland site. You are expected to be aware of; other members of the public using the site, machinery, trips, hazards/risk. We are situated on a working farm and all areas must be treated with caution and respect. 

Boundaries: It is VITAL you and your child(ren) remain within the boundaries and perimeters of the woodland site as directed by the GroWild leader. These will be marked and discussed at the beginning of every event. Clients who wander past these boundaries do so at their own risk - the environment here may not have been surveyed/managed. 

Allergies: Any allergies must be notified to GroWild  immediately at the time of booking. We cannot be responsible for reactions/allergies to materials we use if misinformed. Allergies might include nuts, egg, wheat, gluten, latex, plant and insect allergies including bee stings. We use non-toxic, child friendly, age stage appropriate materials at all times. Medical information for you and your child(ren) must be up to date and notified to the GroWild leader on site where applicable.

Additional Needs: Any additional/learning needs must be notified to GroWild BEFORE an event. This is to ensure we provide children with the best learning opportunities and provide correct staffing ratios. Failure to do so may result in a cancelled booking on the day of the event. 

Ticks & Bugs: There are ticks and bugs in the woodland all year round. Please ensure you have provided adequate clothing plus insect repellant for your child(ren). We will NOT accept responsibility for bites, ticks or stings on you or your child(ren) when out in the woodland. This is a natural occurrence of being in a woodland/outdoor space. 

Materials: We use non-toxic, child friendly, age stage appropriate materials.  All materials are made in the knowledge that they are to be played with under a parent/carer’s supervision.

Property: All personal property that you bring with you or provide for you/your child(ren) on site will remain your responsibility AT ALL TIMES. We will not be responsible whatsoever for any loss or damage to your luggage and/or personal equipment.

Staff: A trained, insured, CRB checked & first aid trained member of staff will always be present.

Photography:  Please confirm (by use of the signing in register) on the day of the event that you agree/do not agree: to give permission to use any still and/or moving image being video footage, photographs and/or frames and/or audio footage depicting your child(ren), taken by ‘GroWild’, for use of any of the following uses: advertisements, marketing, social media, leaflets, or any other use such as for training, educational or publicity purposes. The above consents will apply throughout the world and be for an indefinite period.

Food: You must accept responsibility of your child(ren) when consuming food on the premises including ensuring any health and safety has been monitored by yourself (hand washing, clean food areas, removal of rubbish, chocking hazards etc).

Activities: Activities will differ depending on the day of the event. Activities chosen will depend on various factors including: weather, size of the group, skills of the leader, discussion and physical ability.

Tool/Fire use: GroWild workshops will involve bushcraft, campfire cooking, tool use, crafts and more – all of which come with an element of risk. Staff at GroWild regularly review all aspects of health, safety and risk on site and have taken all reasonable practical steps to mitigate these risks.  All equipment and activities have been risk assessed and we run a daily check on site. If, in the sole opinion of the event/activity leader behaviour of others is deemed unsafe, you will not be allowed to take part in any or whole of the session and will be asked to leave the site. We reserve the right to refuse any use of tools, fire and materials that may pose a risk to others. 

Clothing: GroWild sessions are aimed at getting kids outdoors as much as possible so please bring warm and waterproof outdoor clothing and footwear. Please provide: sturdy footwear (no open toes), long sleeved tops, layers for warmth, waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers. We advise you DO NOT wear clothing that you are concerned might get damaged or stained as we cannot accept ANY responsibility for damage to clothing. If, in the sole opinion of the event/activity leader, your clothing and/or equipment is deemed unsafe, you will not be allowed to take part in any or whole of the session and will be asked to leave the site.

Weather protection: During summer, please provide sunscreen and insect repellent for your child. We cannot apply any products to your child’s skin, so please ensure your child is protected before entering the site. Adults/children are welcome to bring their own products and regularly apply them.