GroWild offers engaging and educational programmes for a range of users. We welcome primary, secondary schools, youth and home education groups to our setting with flexible workshops and programmes.





Schools & Groups

Take a look at our full and half day activity days plus forest school programmes. Bring your classroom to the great outdoors!


Bushcraft Basics

Attend a one or two day course and introduce your group to the essential skills of bushcraft and survival within a woodland environment. Covering the basic principals of survival: fire, food, shelter and water, tailor your experiences and choose from a range of activities including; Fire Lighting & Natural Tinder, Tool Use (Axe, Knife, Billhook), Survival skills, Plant & Tree ID, Natural Shelter Building, Knots & Cordage, Basketry & Wild fun!

Suitable for: KS2 & KS3


Eco Art Attack


Using the natural environment, get stuck in with eco-art and nature inspired creative play. Using land art inspiration form artists such as Andy Goldworthy create a group masterpiece, challenge yourself to clay sculpture building, have a go at caveman style charcoal drawings plus create your own woodland paints. Muddy, messy and colourful learning in the outdoors!

Suitable for: Early Years, KS1, KS2 & KS3


Birds & Bugs

Bug hunting is a always a favourite with kids (and adults!) in the woods. Learn about bugs and birds from wiggly worms in the ground to the beautiful buzzards that swoop and swirl in the trees. Make a mini bug hotel using natural materials, giant feather nests, test your bug ID knowledge and enjoy chocolate covered crunchy critters around the campfire (if you dare!).

Suitable for: Early Years, KS1 & KS2


Wild Animation

Outdoor animation for tech savvy kids! Using ipads create your own imaginative mini world. Kids will have fun whilst learning hands-on skills, taking inspiration from the environment, exploring habitats, tracks, trails and applying basic principles of film making and storytelling in a truly creative and jam packed day.

Working with our super whizzy animation leader, fill your up 'imagination bucket', build and design your own film set, create clay characters and record your own stop-motion film using iPads and cameras. Hidden creatures, woodland fairies and even tree climbing dragons…the creative possibilities are endless!

Suitable for: KS2 & KS3


Hidden Habitats


Hedgehog houses and toad abodes! Explore the woodland and follow your leader to find the hidden creatures in the woods. Using a creative activities and sensory play we will learn about trees, habitats, food chains and species that live in the forest. Plenty of stories, songs and eco-art to keep little people learning and engaged. 

Suitable for: Early Years, KS1 & KS2


Mini Monsters

Meet Trinny the tarantula, make friends with a corn snake and stop Mildred the wiggly giant millipede from escaping! Hands-on learning with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and have a go at handling some super cool friendly mini beasts (don’t forget to have a cuddle with Winston the bearded dragon!)! After the initial meet and greet (approx 30-40 mins), our woodland leaders will help children with making their own mini bug hotels to take home, hunt for worms and beetles or build dens in the woods!

Suitable for: Early Years, KS1, KS2 & KS3


Forest Feasts

Foraging, local produce and hands-on cooking in the great outdoors! Young chefs with a sense of adventure are invited to explore under the magical canopy of the tree with the GroWild and Kiddy Cook team! We have a range of outdoor cookery experiences for kids and can offer a one day activity session or a full six week programme.

Please click HERE for more information.

Suitable for: Early Years, KS1, KS2 & KS3


Forest School Programme

Fully immerse yourself in the outdoors with a tailored six week plan in a constructive and creative environment. Not only will your group learn new skills but it is also a great opportunity to work on self confidence resilience, team building, friendships, communication, social skills and child led play (big kids and little kids!). 

Please get in touch to discuss your groups needs and requirements. We are happy to meet on site or at your school setting. 

Suitable for: Early Years, KS1, KS2 & KS3


Booking Info


One day workshops start at £285 for up to 30 children, dependant on content and activities.

We quote for each group individually so please get in touch with details of the size and age of group.

Bespoke Workshops

If you cannot see a workshop to suit the needs of your group or would like us to tailor a package then let us know!


We provide a set of risk assessments, policies and lesson plan information after booking. If you need to visit us on site to carry out your own risk assessments prior to the workshops then let us know. 


We have coaches and car parking on site for pick up and drop offs.  


Groups are welcome to bring their own lunches. Alternatively we can provide fresh lunch boxes as an extra.


We have access to toilets in our car ark area. In the woods we use a camping loo and also have a very friendly wee tree! 

Disabled Access

Please get in touch to discuss access. Our site is situated on a  farm and woodland environment and has a natural terrain. We are able to accommodate for users but will need information before the day of the event to ensure suitability and parking requirements.


We believe the woodland is a positive and nurturing setting that all children (and adults!) should be able to enjoy. Our ethos is centred around child led play in a non judgmental environment and our team leaders have experience in working with mixed groups of children. We welcome discussion before all workshops to ensure we are able to support and scaffold individual children's learning. 

Further Info

You are welcome to visit us at GroWild and chat with our Leaders to discuss your group requirements. Please get in touch to make an appointment. 

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